Army personnel have many opportunities to travel abroad for schooling, training, deployment as part of the United Nations, official visits, study tours, competitions, for assignment and more

The Army regularly send its officers and enlisted personnel to the US, Australia, Korea, Malaysia, and other countries to take various courses such as the Special Forces Qualification Course, Ranger Course, Anti-Armor Training Course, Command and Staff Operations Law Course, Regimental Officers Basic Course, Information Systems Management Course and Civil-Military Responses to Terrorism Course.

The Army likewise sends its units on training exchanges to the United Kingdom, Australia, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Brunei and Vietnam.

Other opportunities to travel are the deployments under the United Nations. The Army regularly sends individuals and units on UN deployment to Korea.

The Army, likewise, regularly sends its officers and men on official visits when meeting with leaders of foreign armies; studying foreign systems, processes, equipment and facilities; evaluating suppliers of military equipment; going on subject matter exchange visits; and more.

When taking the Command and General Staff Course or the Sergeant Major Course, Army personnel are given the opportunity to visit Germany, Korea, Japan, Vietnam, and many other countries as part of the study tour of these courses.

The Army has also been sending a team to compete in the ASEAN Armies Rifle Meet since 1991. The host country is rotated annually among the participating countries. There are many other competitions, including sports competitions that the Army sends its competitors to, like the dragon boat race.

An Army Officer can also be deployed abroad on assignment when assigned as a Defense and Armed Forces Attaché, when seconded to allied armies to gain experience or to teach in their schools as an instructor.

There are many travel opportunities in the Philippine Army. These travel activities are necessary in the development of the Army, its units and the individual soldiers.