There are soldiers. Then there's us. We sacrifice to protect the innocent, we free the oppressed. We don't fight for fame or fortune. We fight because it is our service, the proud tradition we are bound to uphold.

There are 3 Special Operations Units:

  • Special Forces Regiment (Airborne)
  • First Scout Ranger Regiment
  • Light Reaction Regiment

Special Forces (SF)

Special Forces (SF) are silent professionals, forged in the crucible of combat. Our green beret says more about us than we can ever say for ourselves. We have a specific set of skills that allow us to infiltrate enemy lines via air, land or sea.

We are experts in unconventional warfare. Because the best skill in war is to win without fighting in battle. We immerse in communities. We strengthen and empower them to withstand all threats.

Scout Rangers (SR)

Scout Rangers (SR) are the best hunters in the jungle. We lead the way under the harshest conditions and the roughest terrain. We strike hard and fast.

Light Reaction Regiment (LRR)

Light Reaction Regiment (LRR) is the premier counter-terrorist force of the Armed Forces. We are modern soldiers specialized in surgical strikes in urban battlegrounds. We are at the forefront of the Philippine's war on terror.

Most people will never know who we are or how much we sacrificed for our country. Yet in our hearts, we are proud to be your noble warriors.

Join our elite brotherhood.

How to be SF, Scout Ranger or LRR:

Step 1: Online Application
  1. If you have a college degree graduate and 21-29 years of age upon admission, apply here for Officer Candidate Course (OCC).

  2. If you are a college graduate and finished advanced ROTC, apply here for Officer Preparatory Course (OPC).

  3. If you are a Senior High School graduate not a day older than 22 years, apply here for the Philippine Military Academy (PMA).

Step 2: Qualify
  1. For OCC and OPC, pass entrance examinations
    1. Armed Forces of the Philippines Service Aptitude Exam (AFPSAT) - Math, English, General Knowledge
    2. Army Qualifying Exam (AQE) - I.Q. Test
    3. Special Written Exam (SWE) - Essay on Current Events

  2. For PMA, pass the PMA entrance exam.
  3. See other qualifications for OCC,OPC, and PMA.
  4. You must be able to do at least:
    1. 47 Push-ups in 2mins
    2. 55 Sit-ups in 2mins
    3. 3.2 km run in 17mins

    *See the proper way to execute these exercises. Click here.

Step 3: Train to be an Officer
  1. OCC is a 1-yearschooling to prepare you to become an Army officer. You will learn everything you need to be an officer and a gentleman. Upon graduating, you will be a 2nd Lieutenant (2Lt) in the regular force.

  2. OPC is a 6-month training to on becoming an Army officer. You will continue your education with the military taking off from what you've learned in ROTC. Upon graduating, you will be a 2Lt in the reserve force in active service.

  3. PMA is a 4-year degree in Military Science. Upon graduating, you will be a 2Lt in the regular force.

Step 4: Choose your AFPOS
You can choose from the many AFPOs in Combat Support or Combat Careers. You will have to take the Basic Officer's Leadership Course for the AFPOs you chose. Signify to join either SF, SR, or LRR.

To be a Green Beret (SF):
  1. Graduate from either Special Forces Combat Qualification Course (SFCQC) or Scout Ranger Operations Course (SRC).
  2. Gain experience deployed in an SF Battalion.
  3. Graduate from Basic Airborne Course (BAC)
  4. Graduate from Special Forces Operations Course (SFOC).
To be a Scout Ranger:
  1. Graduate from Scout Ranger Operations Course (SRC)
To be an LRR Operator:
  1. Graduate from SFOC or SRC.
  2. Graduate from Counter Terrorist Course (CTC)