Army Nurses can find themselves in a variety of settings. From providing medical care to soldiers or civilians in a military hospital, serving the sick in far flung communities, or treating casualties of war. There will always be diverse and exciting opportunities as an Army Nurse.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Provide quality nursing care to Army personnel, their families and the community;
  • Lead a Medical Platoon in combat casualty management in the field;
  • Enhance clinical skills in military hospitals,
  • Deployed overseas and work with foreign counterparts for peacekeeping missions, military exercises and Subject Matter Exchange Expert (SMEE).

How to be a Nurse Corps Officer Like No Other

Step 1: Online Application
  1. If you are a PRC Licensed Nurse and not older than 26 years old, apply here for Nurse Corps (NC) Regular Officer.
  2. If you are a PRC Licensed Nurse, 26 - 29 years old, apply here for Nurse Corps (NC) Reserve Officer

Step 2: Qualifications
  1. Pass the Nursing Qualifying Exam - General Knowledge on Nursing Practice
  2. Must pass the AFP Service Aptitude Test (AFPSAT)
  3. Height not less than 5' 0"
  4. Natural-born Filipino Citizen
  5. Must be single and have never been married nor sired a child
  6. Of good moral character
  7. Physically, mentally, and psychologically fit for active military service
  8. You must be able to pass the Physical Fitness Test (PFT); See attached PFT Standard
  9. You must be able to do at least:
  10. 1. 40 Push-ups in 2mins
    2. 46 Sit-ups in 2mins
    3. 3.2 km run in 17mins

Step 3: Train to be a Nurse Corps Officer
  1. Technical and Administrative Service Military Orientation Course (TASMOC) is a pre-entry requirement for all applicants who want to join the active military service for the TAS, AFP. It is a 45-days training conducted at the AFP Health Service Educational and Training Center (AFPHSETC), AFP Health Service Command, Victoriano Luna Avenue, Quezon City. The TASMOC is designed to provide military orientation and training to P2LTs of TAS with emphasis on the AFP organization, its policies and practices. Likewise, it aims to provide the necessary information on military leadership, universal understanding of military customs and tradition and familiarization of military drills and ceremonies.
  2. A mentoring program is conducted at Victoriano Luna Medical Center, AFPHSC for a period of six (6) months after graduating from TASMOC. This program is designed to provide the novice nurses with the necessary clinical skills, knowledge and attitude and to prepare themselves prior to their deployment in field duties as active members of the Philippine Army Nurse Corps.

Step 4: Schooling
  • Technical Service Officer Basic Course (TSOBC)
  • AFP Nurse Corps Specialty Training Course (AFPNCSTC)
  • Specialization Training Courses local and abroad

Degree suited for Nurse Corps:
  • Bachelor of Science in Nursing