You will have a rifle platoon at your command. These highly skilled soldiers will be your new family, trained to operate in all environments and all types of conflict. They will rely on you for leadership, guidance and support, on operations and exercises, in the deepest jungles of the Philippines. It's not just about management, operations and logistics. You are responsible for your troops‚ morale, welfare and career development. On the front line, their lives are in your hands. During peacetime,you will win the hearts and minds of the people to prevent conflict. If it sounds daunting, don‚t worry: 15 months of intensive training will teach you everything you need to know. Think you could be an Infantry Officer?

Key Responsibilities:

  • — Defeat an enemy through fire and manuever;
  • — Assist in humanitarian assistance in disaster response operations;
  • — Seize and hold terrain;
  • — Conduct long range patrols; and,
  • — Provide assistance and security to civilian communities under threat.

How to be an Infantry Officer?

Step 1: Online Application
  1. Armed Forces of the Philippines Service Aptitude Exam (AFPSAT) - Math, English General Knowledge
  2. Army Qualifying Exam (AQE)- I.Q. Test
  3. Special Written Exam (SWE) - Essay on Current Events

Step 2: Qualify
  1. For OCC and OPC, pass entrance examinations
  2. For PMA, pass the PMA entrance exam.
  3. See other qualifications for OCC,OPC, and PMA.
  4. You must be able to do at least:
  5. 1. 47 Push-ups in 2mins
    2. 55 Sit-ups in 2mins
    3. 3.2 km run in 17mins

    *See the proper way to execute these exercises. Click here.

Step 3: Train to be an Infantry Officer
  1. OCC is a 1-yearschooling to prepare you to become an Army officer. You will learn everything you need to be an officer and a gentleman. Upon graduating, you will be a 2nd Lieutenant (2Lt) in the regular force.

  2. OPC is a 6-month training to on becoming an Army officer. You will continue your education with the military taking off from what you've learned in ROTC. Upon graduating, you will be a 2Lt in the reserve force in active service.

  3. PMA is a 4-year degree in Military Science. Upon graduating, you will be a 2Lt in the regular force.

Step 4: Basic Officer Leadership Courses

    Upon successfully graduating from a pre-entry course such as the PMA, OCC, or OPC, each young Infantry Lieutenant is expected to undergo several courses pertaining to leadership and basic infantry, i.e., Infantry Officer Basic Course for 13 weeks and Scout Ranger Orientation Course for 6 weeks to learn the ropes of being an Infantry Platoon Leader. After completion of these pre-requisite courses, you will now be deployed to various Infantry units around the Philippines as a Platoon Leader.

Degrees suited for Infantry Officer:
  • The Army can develop a four year course graduate into an effective Infantry Officer