Focus on combat. You will be leading men into battle on horseback. Only, this horse is made up of tons of bullet proof steel, enough fire power to level a 4-story building, chain tracks to power through the toughest terrain, eyes that see at night, and sense heat signatures miles away. You can also choose to be an Army Pilot, providing air support for ground troops for re-supply or reconnaissance. The Cavalry is the enemy's worst nightmare because of speed and shock effect in battle.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Destroy, capture or repel enemy forces using maneuver with shock effect;
  • Seize or secure terrain using armored vehicles;
  • Conduct air assault, medical evacuation using armored ambulance, mounted reconnaissance and surveillance operations.

How to be a Cavalry like no other?

Step 1: Online Application
  1. If you have a college degree graduate and 21-29 years of age upon admission, apply here for Officer Candidate Course (OCC).

  2. If you are a college graduate and finished advanced ROTC, apply here for Officer Preparatory Course (OPC).

  3. If you are a Senior High School graduate not a day older than 22 years, apply here for the Philippine Military Academy (PMA).

Step 2: Qualify
  1. For OCC and OPC, pass entrance examinations
    1. Armed Forces of the Philippines Service Aptitude Exam (AFPSAT) - Math, English, General Knowledge
    2. Army Qualifying Exam (AQE) - I.Q. Test
    3. Special Written Exam (SWE) - Essay on Current Events

  2. For PMA, pass the PMA entrance exam.
  3. See other qualifications for OCC,OPC, and PMA.
  4. You must be able to do at least:
    1. 47 Push-ups in 2mins
    2. 55 Sit-ups in 2mins
    3. 3.2 km run in 17mins

    *See the proper way to execute these exercises. Click here.

Step 3: Train to be an Officer
  1. OCC is a 1-yearschooling to prepare you to become an Army officer. You will learn everything you need to be an officer and a gentleman. Upon graduating, you will be a 2nd Lieutenant (2Lt) in the regular force.

  2. OPC is a 6-month training to on becoming an Army officer. You will continue your education with the military taking off from what you've learned in ROTC. Upon graduating, you will be a 2Lt in the reserve force in active service.

  3. PMA is a 4-year degree in Military Science. Upon graduating, you will be a 2Lt in the regular force.

Degrees Suited for Cavalry:
      Mechanical Engineering
      Electrical Engineering
      Aeronautical Engineering
      BS Aircraft Maintenance
      Air Traffic Controller
      Licensed Pilot